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The worth of any bike shop can be determined by the workshop. A bike shops workshop is the heart of the whole operation. At Walton Street Cycles We are justifiably proud of our repairs. We have one of the largest workshops in the area which, due to our highly qualified and trained mechanics is able to offer repairs and service second to none.

Since we started trading in 1975 we have taken pride in having the tools and the knowledge to be able to fix anything; ranging from puncture repair, internal gear hub stripping to precise wheel building, if it is fixable we can mend it. We're not a parts replacement centre, we are a proud specalist repair centre.

This page contains all the details about the services our workshop has to offer, including details of the standard jobs we offer, including the prices. We also offer you the chance to use our on-line booking service to pre-book your repair. Simply fill in our form and we will contact you shortly after to confirm the details.
If you cannot find a job description that meets your requirement simply let us know what you need doing and we will get back to you with a quote.

Workshop Prices

We have listed our standard service plans below. In addition to these we can carry out any other repair that is required, please contact using the form on this page, phone us, email us or drop by and see us for more details.

Level 1 Service - £30
Recommended every 6 to 9 months, depending on usage. Level 1 service includes;
    • Checked for shifting performance and accuracy, adjusted where necessary
    • Checked for effective stopping distances and accuracy, adjusted where necessary
    • New cables fitted where necessary
    • Additional charge may be incurred if disc brakes need bleeding
    • Transmission components de-greased and cleared of debris
    • Chain, cassette & chainset checked for wear
    • All transmission components re-lubed
    • Bottom bracket checked for movement
    • Headset, stem and handlebars checked for movement. Adjusted where necessary
    • Hubs and rims checked for damage
    • Spoke tension checked
    • Hub cones checked
    • Wheels trued and spokes tensioned where necessary
    • Remainder of bike checked over for damage
    • Lube applied to external components
    • Components tightened where necessary

Level 2 Service - £60
Recommended annually depending on usage, price includes parts listed.
Includes everything in a level 1 service plus;

    • Replacing front & rear inner & outer gear cables
    • Replacing front & rear inner & outer brake cables

Level 3 Service - £100
Recommended once every two years depending on usage, price includes parts listed.
Includes everything in a level 1 and level 2 service plus;
    • Remove bottom bracket, replace bearings if not a sealed unit
    • Apply grease to internal components
    • Hubs stripped and bearings replaced
    • Headset stripped and bearings replaced
    • Bike will be completely stripped and re-greased

Online Booking

If you would like to book your bike into our workshop then please either call us, email or complete this on-line booking form. Once your booking has been received we will contact you to confirm the details.

Repair Date & Time:
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Repair Details:
Please enter a short description of the problem you are experiencing.

Once we have received your booking request we will contact you to confirm the details, so please supply us with your contact details.

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Click on book repair to book your bike into our workshop.

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