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In 1988 Lester Noble and Steve Wade combined their passion and expertise and started something that completely encapsulated and involved them, they created and founded Orange mountain bikes; firmly placing Halifax on the map for Mountain bike riders everywhere!

From the outset Orange bikes have been designed to thrive in difficult environments and bring access to parts of the mountain traditionally too difficult to ride. Combining riding experiences across the Northern landscape, racing, hanging with mates, talking with bike shops and interacting with the people who ride the bikes has shaped the design for all of the Orange bike range.

Orange bikes continue to win awards, whilst the bikes and their riders continue to win world cup championships.

All of the bikes in the Orange range come with the added opportunity of upgrading the specification of the bike prior to the build, ranging from changing the colour to a custom paint job to upgrading the bottom bracket.

Listed below are the current range of Orange Mountain Bikes available, please click on a link to view more details about the bike. In addition to the latest range we do hold a stock of older models, please contact us for more details

Hardtail - Full Suspension - Frames - Road Bikes

The Orange range

Orange Hardtail Mountain Bikes






Pure 7

P7 Pro




Diva Pro


Orange Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

ST4 Pro


Five S


Five Pro


Five SE


Five AM


Alpine 160




224 Evolution Race


224 Evolution World Cup


Five Diva Pro


ST4 Diva Pro


Orange Road Bike


Orange Framesets
Diva Frame

Crush Frame

Miii Frame

P7 Frame

Elite Frame

Elite Frameset

Five Diva Frame

ST4 Diva Frame

Five Frame

ST4 Frame

Alpine 160 Frame

Patriot Frame

224 Evolution Frame


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