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Kona 2012 Demo Bikes in stock

As an authorised Kona Dealer we are pleased to announce that new 2012 Kona Demo models are now available in store for test riding.

The demo range can be and should be taken out on long rides to help get a full appreciation of the bike. To test ride one of our demonstrators you will need to bring in a utility bill and a photographic form of identification. If you have a preference between flat and clipless pedals bring some along.

Bikes in store include ;
  • Entourage Deluxe – Dual Suspension Downhill Bike
  • Satori - Dual Suspension 29er
  • Kahuna – Hardtail 29er
  • Fire Mountain – Hardtail
  • Tanuki – Dual Suspension
  • Lana’i - Hardtail

Entourage Deluxe

Hey, Mr. VIP! You're absolutely laying waste to technical descents, air-populated bike parks and North Shore steeps. With Kona's all-new Entourage DL, your personal riding scene is surrounded with a gang of greatness. In essence, it's a smaller-travel (170mm) Operator redesigned into a tighter package, with radically shorter stays (415mm) for quick turns, spins and all-around freerading (new word we made up), with a low BB and slack HA for stability. Built with performance durability and worlds of fun and speed in mind, hit everything you would on the big bike, but fall in love with the Entourage's nimbleness and manoeuvrability. Just ask Kona Team Gravity Rider Graham Aggasiz.

Click here for more details on the Entourage Deluxe.


The Buddhist term for enlightenment, what's considered a first step toward nirvana, Satori epitomizes the sensation you'll get from our new 130mm travel 29er dual suspension mountain bike. Using a swing link version of our legendary 4-Bar linkage, we're able to create an aggressive all-mountain trail bike with relatively long travel for a 29er, while still keeping a short wheelbase and compact chainstays for quick acceleration, great trail handling, lots of standover and awesome rider fit. Featuring a stiff 142x12 rear axle, tapered headtube, ISCG 05 tabs, direct-mount front derailleur and cartridge-sealed bearings, take the Satori step. Nirvana is pretty sweet.

Click here for more details on the Satori .


"Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession." That's how the Hawaiians define "Kahuna." Our Kahuna is the same-master of all. Made of high-grade 7005 Aluminium Butted tubing, the Kahuna comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a blend of smooth functioning components. This fantastic 29-inch-wheel hardtail mountain bike is designed specifically for those looking to add a dash of speed to their wilderness wanderings.

Click here for more details on the Kahuna .

Fire Mountain

Over the past 20 glorious years, the Fire Mountain has played a huge hand in converting non-mountain bikers into deeply passionate ones. We've seen it a thousand times and are sure to see it thousands more. All that we've learned over two decades of being avid mountain bikers goes into this great riding hardtail mountain bike. A light, durable, versatile aluminium frame that's efficient and quick, with components that balance affordability and great function. Set the trail ablaze, young Skywalker.

Click here for more details on the Fire Mountain .


The Tanuki has eight special traits: a hat to protect against bad weather; big eyes to make good decisions; a sake bottle to represent virtue; a big tail for steadiness and strength; gargantuan testicles for obvious reasons; cash for confidence; a big belly to symbolize decisiveness; and a friendly smile. Everything you need for one of the sweetest bang-for-the-buck dual-suspension mountain bikes in creation.

Click here for more details on the Tanuki .


You feel the forest calling you. That longing to cruise past great green fields and the edge of wilderness. And it's real. At Kona, we've been making awesome mountain bikes since 1988. It's that same call that sucked us into this business over 20 years ago. We know where you need to go. The 2012 Lanai is designed to get you there.

Click here for more details on the Lana’i .

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