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Royal Dutch Gazelle was founded in 1892, and started their own production using the Gazelle name in 1902. They are based in Dieren, Netherlands and are the largest and the most famous bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands.

For many cycling is a way of life, whether it be long touring rides, the school run or the weekly shop, Gazelle are dedicated to designing and manufacturing bicycles to suit all cycling needs, whilst ensuring that the rider is safe, secure and comfortable. They are often nominated and win various awards including; in 2010 the Readerís Digest annual brand survey found Gazelle to be the most trusted brand in Europe; In 2009 the Chamonix Innergy was the first ever electric bike to win the Dutch Bike of the year, as well winning the Dutch design award, good industrial design and various innovation awards.

In addition to making strong, reliable bicycles Gazelle are dedicated to minimising environmental issues during their production wherever possible; they still only use water based paints and FSC certified paper for packaging and promotional materials.

For many years Walton Street Cycles has been an authorised Gazelle dealer and repair centre, with an extensive range of Gazelle bicycles available there really is something for everybody.

For more information about Gazelle please check out their website (although it is all in Dutch...) - www.gazelle.nl

Website under construction, 2012 range coming soon; for more details please visit the Gazelle website or contact us for more details

The Gazelle range


Gazelle Braking System & Transmission Definitions
R1 Coasterbrake - 1 Speed R3 Coasterbrake - 3 Speed RT Coasterbrake - 1 Speed & front drum brake
T3 Drum brakes - 3 speed R3T Coasterbrake - 3 Speed & front drum brake T7 Rollerbrakes - 7 speed
T8V Rollerbrakes & front V-brake- 8 speed V8D V-brakes, derailleur - 8 speed V3 V-brakes - 3 speed
RV Coasterbrake & V-brakes R3V Coasterbrake & V-brakes - 3 speed V24D V-brakes, derailleur - 24 speed

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