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A folding bicycle is much like its name suggests; a bike that folds!
These bikes are designed to neatly fold into a small easy to carry and store form. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into various places including; trains, planes and automobiles, allowing multi transport commuting.
A folded bike can also easily be stored inside a residential or workplace environment without taking up too much space, in our shop we hang them from the ceiling!

The quality of the bike can be determined by the engineered fold, the best folding bikes can be folded quickly and easily without the need to remove any parts.

If you have limited storage space or frequently travel by train and want the advantage of having a bike ready with you as soon as you step off the train then a folding bike is a must!

Nowadays there are many folding bikes available, we specilaise in the Great British Built Bromptons and also the Dawes folding range.

Listed below are links to the folding bikes we have available, please click on a link to view more details about the bike.

Brompton Folding Bikes

Stock and Bespoke bikes available
Starting from £700.00

Dawes Folding Bikes





To view the whole Dawes range please click here

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