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Classic bikes are bikes are designed and made with tradition in mind, normally resembling the ‘bikes popular in pre world war two. Historically the steel frames would of been constructed by lugs and brazing, a method some manufactures still follow today (including Pashley).
Regardless of the manufacturing method classic bikes are designed to be comfortable, offering the rider an upright riding position with the handlebars curved back towards the rider.

Not necessarily the fastest bike available to ride, but why rush when you can ride in comfort and style?

We offer a range of classic bikes, ranging from traditional hand built English Pashleys, the Dawes Heritage range and the Dutch Gazelle classic range.

Listed below are links to the Classic bikes we have available, please click on a link to view more details about the bike

Pashley Classic Bikes

Roadster Classic 26

Roadster Classic

Sonnet Pure



Princess Classic

Sonnet Bliss


Roadster Sovereign 26

Roadster Sovereign

Princess Sovereign


Guv'nor 3 Speed

Clubman Urban

Clubman Country

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Dawes Classic Bikes



Cambridge Mixte



To view the whole Dawes range please click here

Gazelle Dutch Bicycles - Classic Bikes
2012 Range Coming Soon...
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