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There is not a standard Brompton model because nothing Brompton build is standard: every bike is built by hand from scratch. There are three types of Brompton, with different handlebar styles designed for different styles of riding and use. The many variations possible with a custom-built bespoke order are detailed in this page under the Brompton Builder section.

The key models come properly kitted out, ready for the road, with mudguards and lighting. For those looking for weight savings, each of these key models can be built to a superlight specification (with the suffix "-X"), with front forks, rear frame, seat pillar and other smaller features made out of titanium.

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The Brompton Fold

The Brompton Fold

A key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little practice, this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the folded bike are: 585mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (22.2" x 21.5" x 10.6").

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant!

Full instructions for folding and unfolding, with diagrams, are given in the Owner Manual but these are the basics:

All Bromptons have rear suspension, which also allows instant "parking" of the bike:

    1. Park the bike by swinging the rear wheel under the main frame - the Brompton will stand on its own, leaving both hands free
    2. Unclamp and fold back the front wheel - the right hand pedal should be moved out of the way if necessary - and hook onto the rear frame
    3. Unclamp and lower the handlebars and saddle, and stow the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order after step 2
    1. Raise and clamp the saddle and handlebar, and unfold the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order, but they must be unfolded before moving on to step 2
    2. Unfold and clamp front wheel; the bike is now parked
    3. Lift up the rear end of the bike - a little flick is usually the most effective method - to swing the rear wheel out; the bike is ready to ride
The key to understanding the fold of the Brompton is the seat pillar: it is the seat pillar which locks the folded package together by projecting down from the main frame, so preventing the rear frame from rotating, which in turn prevents the front wheel from swinging free. If the seat pillar is visible below the main frame, do not try to park or unpark the Brompton, and do not try to hook or unhook the front wheel from the rear frame. Similarly, if the seat pillar is not fully down, the folded package may fall open when the bike is picked up.

Brompton Builder

To ensure a high quality of service new bikes need to be collected from our shop, for details of the Bromptons we have in stock please contact us by phone: 01865 311610, email: sales@spoke.co.uk or come and visit us at Walton Street Cycles, 78 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6EA.

Ordering your new Brompton with us couldn't be easier, simply complete the details in each of the sections below needed to build your Brompton. Once all of the details have been selected you will be able to get an instant quote and send us the details.

If you would prefer to print and fill in a Brompton Order Form click here to download a printable bespoke order form.

Please also visit the Brompton website for further details - www.brompton.co.uk.
Section 1: Select your model

Model Type:
P Type - £700        |     M Type - £700        |     S type - £700        |     H type - £700    

Section 2: Select your gear ratio

Gearing Standard ratio Lowered Gearing Raised Gearing
  - 7% - 12% - 18% + 8%
1 Speed £0 £15  N / A  £15  N / A 
2 Speed £60 £75  N / A  £75  N / A 
3 Speed £60  N / A  £75 £75 £75
6 Speed £120  N / A  £135  N / A  £135

Section 3: Select mudguards and rear rack

Mudguards and Rear Rack options:

No Mudguards - £0
Mudguards, no rack - £50
Mudguards and rack - £100

Section 4: Select your colours

Your Brompton can be built in one or two colours, when selcting your colours you will need to choose the colour for your frame and the colour for the front forks, stem and rear forks.
If you choose the superlight titanium Brompton then the complete bike will only come in one colour.

Please only select two colour options, unless you decide to choose the superlight option then please only select the one checkbox under the superlight heading.

Colour Main Frame Extremities Superlight
Black £0 £0 £500
White £0 £0 £500
Turkish Green £0 £0 £500
Hot Pink £0 £0 £500
Red £30 £30 £500
Orange £30 £30 £500
Yellow £30 £30 £500
Claret £30 £30 £500
Cobalt Blue £30 £30 £500
Arctic Blue £30 £30 £500
Racing Green £30 £30 £500
Apple Green £30 £30 £500
Desert Sand £30 £30 £500
Sage Green £30 £30 £500
Raw Lacquer £110 £575

Click on an image to see a larger picture of the Brompton.

Section 5: Select your seat height

This section is where you select the type of seat post you would like, this will determine the height of your saddle.

All seat pillars are available in both steel and aluminium versions. With the standard seat pillar, the Brompton and Brooks saddles can be up to 995mm from the ground. If your inside leg is more than 33"/84cm, you will almost certainly need either of the longer seat pillars; the telescopic pillar is suitable for an inside leg of more than 35"/89cm, or for a taller rider wishing to minimise the height of the folded bike.

Standard Steel Seat Post - £0
Steel Extended Seat Post (60mm)- £0
Steel Telescopic Seat Post - £35

Section 6: Select your saddle

Saddle options:

Brompton Saddle with Pentaclip - £0
Brooks B17 Special Ladies with Pentaclip - £55
Brooks B17 Special Gents with Pentaclip - £55

Section 7: Select your tyres

Tyre options:

Brompton Kevlar - £0
Schwalbe Marathon - £10
Schwalbe Kojak - £20

Section 8: Select your rear suspension

Rear Suspension options:

Standard Suspension - £0
Firm Suspension - £0

Section 9: Select lights

Lighting options:

Reflectors only - £0
Battery Light - £30
Shimano Hub Dynamo - £75
Schmidt SON Hub Dynamo - £320

Section 10: Select luggage

Section 10a: Front Luggage:

A Bag Set - £400
O Bag set - all black - £205
O Bag set - pink and black - £205
Mini O Bag set - white and black - £95
Mini O Bag set - blue and black - £95
C Bag set - £115
S Bag set standard - £115
S Bag set graphic - £140
S Bag set hose - £140
T Bag set - £105
Folding Basket set - £65
Front Carrier Block Only - £15

Section 10b: Rear Luggage:

Rack Sack - £65

Section 11: Transporting
Transporting Options:

Eazy wheels - £20
Cover and Saddle bag - £25
B Bag - £135

Section 12: Your Brompton Price

Thank you for completing the Brompton Builder form, click on Instant Estimate to view your selected Brompton details and price.

Section 13: Order your Brompton

If you have built your Brompton and are happy with the specification and price you can now place an order with us, simply fill in the details about you and click on the 'Buy Now' button. We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm your order, take a deposit and advise on lead times.

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Alternatively please feel free to stop by and see us, phone us: 01865 311610 or drop us an email: sales@spoke.co.uk

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