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Balance Bikes

Learning to ride a bike can be tricky, learning to balance; steer, pedal and brake can become overwhelming to a first time rider. Balance Bikes help children learn to steer and balance without relying on stabilisers.

A balance bike is also known as a training bike, leaner bike and walker bike. Essentially it is a bike without pedals and cranks and is propelled forward by the rider pushing off the floor with their feet; this helps the rider to develop early skills in balancing steering their bike.

Developing these fundamental riding skills at an early age really helps children when they are old enough to start riding a fully equipped bike.

At Walton Street Cycles we believe that balance bikes really help young children develop their skills and have used balance bikes and are using balance bikes with the younger members of our families.

We hold a large stock of PUKY balance bikes, and if we don't have the model you're interested in we will be able to order it in for you (depending on availability), please contact us for more details, or stop by and see us to try one.

Website under construction, 2012 range coming soon; for more details please visit the PUKY website or contact us for more details

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